HealthTouch is an innovative patient management web and mobile application, developed to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of primary care services.


Create an ambitious brief to design, build and test the intuitive mobile app and website
Build a working prototype of the mobile app including trackers that allow patients to record a range of health measurements
A working web app enabling GPs to monitor patients and reduce wasted time for patients attending basic health measurement appointments

The challenge

Concern over inefficient clinical resource management in primary care drove the challenge to measurably reduce the number of unnecessary primary care clinic appointments and to expedite necessary ones – effectively pushing low priority patients away from clinics (toward supervised self-management) and pulling higher priority patients into clinics for early intervention.

The goal of HealthTouch was to improve clinical outcomes for patients, to provide higher quality care by enabling improved communication with healthcare professionals and – most importantly – empowering patients to take charge of their own health.

The solution

IE GDS was challenged to co-create an ambitious brief to design, build, and test an intuitive app to work on both Android and iOS. Co-creation workshops, user research, rapid prototyping and user testing sessions led to the development of a free health tracking app to enable patients to remotely record and securely share key health measurements with clinicians.

IE GDS crafted the bespoke app, HealthTouch, with features including:

  • Trackers – enabling patients to easily record a range of health measures including: blood pressure, heart rate, oxygen saturation, weight, fluid intake, stool type and breathing
  • Medication management – enabling patients to record what medication they are taking and when they have taken it
  • Care network – patients can share their profile and health measurements via the app with their surgery or GP, who can then monitor patients remotely
  • Push notifications – the app automatically sends messages to remind patients to keep on top of taking medication and measurements
  • GP monitoring – the app integrates with a desktop web app which enables GPs to remotely monitor patients in their care network and call patients in for a consultation.

Following these successful trials, the app was showcased to great acclaim at the HETT (Healthcare Efficiency Through Technology) Showcase in London.


Successful Alpha trial in London Hospital
Active pilot in London based GP surgery
Launch of the app on both Android & iOS platforms