NHS Change Day 2015
It’s NHS Change Day! An opportunity for health sector professionals to come together and share ideas to improve healthcare.

NHS Change Day is all about creating a better future in healthcare. Each year, people across the sector come together and share creative ideas in the hope of improving the healthcare sector for staff and patients alike. NHS Change Day ensures that each year, the NHS are improving, adapting and changing for the better. This year’s Change Day focuses on ensure that all pledges are accompanied by a call to action – ensuring it’s not all talk without action.  

A notable Change Day action is that of Dementia UK, actioned by Andy Tysoe, a dementia nurse at Chester Hospital Foundation Trust. Andy sought to change the stigma surrounding dementia patients, leading to his #DementiaDO Twitter campaign, which invites people to engage with dementia sufferers, for instance inviting them out for coffee. Andy also worked with local supermarkets to ensure they were a dementia-friendly environment.

NHS Change Day provides an opportunity for NHS staff to experiment with digital comms and technology to help action change and engage a wider audience.

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