New project update: transforming cancer care with client CLIC Sargent
We have a new exciting project on our hands. Working alongside CLIC Sargent, we’ll be launching a new online community tool that’ll change the lives of 16-24 year old cancer suffers.

CLIC Sargent is the UK’s leading charity for young cancer sufferers and their families. They offer emotional and practical support to cancer suffers during and after treatment. CLIC Sargent are on a mission to provide young cancer sufferers with the best support and care throughout their cancer journey. To aid their attainment of this goal, CLIC Sargent reached out to IE. We jumped at the chance to work alongside them, in the hope of helping to change the lives of young cancer sufferers.

We’re currently working on a mobile and online community tool that will help 16-24 year old cancer sufferers access support from experts and their peers. The Q&A forum format will enable users to easily share information and support other cancer sufferers. At the click of a button, users can browse and search for information, and access peer-to-peer support.

The project is set to go live shortly – keep up to date with project updates via this blog or our Twitter account.

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