Digital transformation in the charity sector

NPC’s (New Philanthropy Capital) most recent report "Tech for common good" explored digital transformation. The report highlighted the need for the charity sector to embrace digital technology fully like other sectors have done over the past few years. They argued that this is best achieved collectively as an sector, rather than individual organisations tackling it separately.  

"To tackle social problems in their entirety, organisations need to mount a collective approach and tackle problems at the sector level."


As we’re currently involved in a key project tackling the same issue within the health sector, this resonated well with IE. Aggregating key knowledge, integrating resources and sharing development costs across organisations will enable the sector to develop rapidly - it makes perfect sense.

We’re working with Public Health England (PHE) to introduce a quality stamp that helps to validate the safest, most beneficial health apps on the market through a four-stage online self-assessment process. Successfully validated apps will receive the 'kite mark' showing it's trusted by PHE’. IE have consulted with PHE throughout the process and built the system. We’ve shaped what the process looks like and ran the Alpha and Beta design and build process adopting GDS (Government Digital Services) design principles, using Rapid Prototyping.

Now back to the charity education charity PFEG have a similar system, awarding recommended financial education resources with a quality mark. And for the first time it’s awarded a quality mark to a third party app called Jangle. Most importantly, the app has been created as open source, enabling future collaboration, thus others can benefit from the technology.

With hundreds of new apps appearing on the market everyday, it makes perfect sense to create a system to stamp the highest quality, most effective apps with a ‘kite mark’. If the charity sector can put in a similar mark of quality, we’ll surely see only the best apps rise to the top - benefitting everyone.