CHASE 2016: showcasing Career Ready’s Volunteer Management System
With a few weeks to go, we’re putting together the final preparations for IE’s joint session with client, Career Ready at CHASE 2016

If you’ve not heard of CHASE, it’s the Charities and Associations Event designed to bring together charities and non-profit organisations who are facing similar challenges. CHASE links these organisations with suppliers like IE who can help them tackle these problems head on.

About the session

Taking place on Tuesday 16th February, IE’s Systems Analyst James Marsh will be speaking alongside Career Ready’s Chief Executive, Anne Spackman at CHASE 2016. Their session will explore how Career Ready’s new volunteer management system, built by the digital team at IE, has helped to accelerate their growth.

This isn’t the first time IE and Career Ready have joined forces.  IE helped Career Ready automate their manual processes through the creation of a scalable, digital platform, aligned with an Agile development approach, for attracting volunteers and employers. The result? A reduction in average admin overhead per applicant by 80%. In the seminar session we’ll explore how this digital transformation enabled Career Ready to scale-up its service offerings.

About the speakers

Following a notable career in journalism as Editor in Chief at Times Digital, Anne Spackman sought to apply her expertise to a values-driven organisation in the third sector. Anne is currently Chief Executive at Career Ready, driving her team through transformational change. As former trustee of the charity Gingerbread, Anne was awarded an OBE in 2002.

With over 15 years’ experience of building, designing and managing web sites and mobile platforms, James Marsh is IE’s Senior Systems Analyst. With a diverse range of clients from Public Health England to CLIC Sargent, James' expertise lies in digital customer experience.  

Interested in attending Anne and James' session? Join them at 1.15pm on the 16th February at CHASE 2016.  

We’ll also be speaking alongside client WDP the following day, in a session called “Branding: Pure Vanity or Top Priority”.

If you work within a charity or non-profit organisation then attendance is free.