Bringing the law to life with our SmartLaw app
We’re delighted to launch our new charity sector mobile app, SmartLaw. SmartLaw is a quiz-based app bringing the law to life for young people across the UK.

The Citizenship Foundation sought IE to help them find a new way to get more young people engaged with the law. We proposed an innovative way to achieve this via an app that brings together the law and popular culture. Using a backdrop of stories surrounding current events and popular culture, SmartLaw enables young people to explore the day-to-day implications of the law and the consequences of unlawful actions, for instance, whether or not a TV soap accurately portrayed the law in their storyline.  

How does it work?

Users are presented with four categories - Celebrities, Entertainment, News & Culture and Sport. Each reveals a twitter-esque feed showing the latest stories in the media. Tapping on each story reveals information about the legal issues surrounding it, then users are presented with a law-related quiz question.

The user's answer is logged and they are presented with a graph showing other users' responses. The following screen displays the correct answer with further background information.

Have a go yourself, download the app for free from the App Store or Google Play.

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