Apple’s ResearchKit: digital transformation in the health sector
Apple recently announced the introduction of ResearchKit.

As I sat on the train, watching Apple announce ResearchKit, I thought ok, fantastic, Apple are using technology to transform the medical research market, which is no surprise really after the introduction of CareKit. But what I hadn’t anticipated was the announcement that ResearchKit would be an open source framework. Now, this is really fantastic news. An open source framework opens the doorway for collaboration, which means that research studies can gain mass data more efficiently.

Apple have launched ResearchKit with apps targeting patients with heart disease, diabetes, asthma, Parkinson’s disease and breast cancer.

Late last year, I attended a ‘Mobile Apps in Research’ Summit at the University of Birmingham. One of the topics under discussion surrounded designing data gathering apps. I imagine this year's’ summit will include plenty of talk about Apple’s ResearchKit.

Apple’s announcement highlights the value of using digital solutions in the health sector. At IE, we’ve worked with clients to launch a number of healthcare apps, including HealthTouch, ChatHealth and CLIC Sargent’s cancer community app.

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